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Praise for the Original

BRAIN Simulator

“BRIGHT IDEA...the BRAIN SImulator”


“Enjoy Learning...Quite easy”

—R. O'Reilly, LA Times

Brain Simulator II (Software)

Coming Soon...


Want to go beyond the Limitations of Backpropagation? Want to design new neural circuits? Curious about the capabilities of biological neurons?

Brain Simulator II hosts a huge array of high-performance spiking neurons, allowing you to explore capabilities which could exist in brains and create your own specific circuitry.

Brain Simulator II is intended to create an end-to-end AGI system with modules for vision, hearing, robotic control, learning, internal modelling, and even planning and forethought.


  • Millions of neurons on your desktop. Processing in real time!
  • Create networks from scratch or from a libray of functions.
  • Easy interfaces to speech, vision, and robotic controls.
  • Share networks with other users.


Currently in development...Brain Simulator II downloads should be available soon. Send an email to be included in the initial testing phases.

Will require a powerful processor with 8GB of ram. GPU requirements TBD.