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Praise for the Original

BRAIN Simulator

“BRIGHT IDEA...the BRAIN SImulator”


“Enjoy Learning...Quite easy”

—R. O'Reilly, LA Times

Overview Video:

Brain Simulator II (Software) AGI Research Platform

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About BrainSim II

BrainSim II combines a neural network model with the ability to write code for any neuron cluster.

High Performance: BrainSim II hosts an array of millions of neurons running in parallel on a multicore CPU plus a user interface which lets you drill down to the individual synapse level.

Objective: Intended to create an end-to-end AGI system with modules for vision, hearing, robotic control, learning, internal modelling, and even planning, imagination, and forethought. We are focussing building a system which can learn about on object permanenance, spatial relationships, and time/causality.


  • Millions of neurons on your desktop. Processing in real time!
  • Create networks from scratch or from a libray of functions.
  • More than 20 module types for speech, vision, a and robotic controls.
  • Several Knowledge Base modules in different configurations.
  • Write your own modules in any language supported by .NET.

Strategy: BrainSim's simple 2D and 3D simulators sidestep complexity starting with just a few object types, a few possible attributes, and a few relationships. Once these work well, modules can be expanded to learn new objects, attributes, and relationships as they are encountered within the environment

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Completely Free! BrainSim II is available under the MIT License which allows for virtually all use.

After initial testing, BrainSim will become a public GitHub project.

Requirements: You'll need a Windows 10 machine and Visual Studio 2017 or later.