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Thanks for your Interest in
Brain Simulator II!

This is the initial test. To participate, you'll need a Windows 10 machine and Visual Studio 2017 or later (available here at no cost from Microsoft).

Please watch the video (at least the first few minutes) will give you an overview of what to expect and it's the only documentation available right now.

Click here for the details page!

Overview Video:

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About This Test

This test should take just a few minutes.

This is what might be called a "smoke test". The code is still being reworked, so I suggest only limited use. Reporting individual bugs and any source-code modification is not worthwhile until the project moves to GitHub. In the coming weeks, as things stabilize and are cleaned up, subsequent versions will add more networks with more modules.

The intent is to release the most stable code possible for AI developers and researchers by the end of the year. There may currently be issues which require significant restructuring; I can address these before you invest time creating networks and custom modules which depend on the present platform.

BrainSim II is available under the MIT License which allows for virtually all use.

Previous Versions

New Features (10/10/19)

  • Neuron firing history and graphs
  • Improved 2DSim display with zoom-pan

Click the Icon to Download!

The zip file contains the source code for the Brain Simulator II and a few test files for you to try out. It ccontains no executable files which might harbor viruses.

If these few tests are successful, we'll move on to making the GitHub project public and providing a link to it.

Step-by-step what to do:

If at any time you encounter an error, please copy the error message and email it to me at

  1. Download the file and put it in a useful directory
  2. Right-click the file and "Extract All". Extract to another useful directory like "Documents\Brainsim".
  3. Double-click BrainSimulator.sln (solution file) to start Visual Studio. Can Visual Studio load the solution file?
  4. Within Visual Studio, select "Build | Build Solution". Can Visual Studio compile the program? (Ignore any warnings)
  5. Click "Start" to start the debuggger. Does the program load? Do you see a splash screen?
  6. Select "File | Open" and navigate to the network folder, "Documents\Brainsim\BrainSimulator\Networks", and select "SimpleNeurons.xml". Does the file open and have flashing neurons?
  7. Select "File | Open" and "CameraTest.xml". Does the file open and display an image from your camera? Or, if you don't have a camera attached, do you get a message box?
  8. Select "File | Open" and "SpeechInOut.xml". Does the file open and display an image with two modules connected by red synapses? Say "Computer 1 2 3" into your system microphone. The speech-recognition system uses the wake-up word, "Computer" and has a vocabulary of digits. Do the "1", "2", & "3" neurons fire in sequence? Does the system answer by speaking back the sequence of digits?
  9. Select "File | Open" and "2DEntity-Test.xml". Does the file open and display various modules and dialogs? The network requires that you restart the engine (button in upper left below "File"). Press the "Scan" neuron on the Bahavior module. Notice how the entity rotates and collects visual data. Click at a location in the "ModuleSim" dialog. The entity should go to that location.
  10. Thanks for your Help!
  11. Have Fun! Please email if you complete these simple successfully, Thanks!