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DOWNLOAD the Brain Simulator II (Software) AGI Research Platform

Available Now! FREE

Thanks for your Interest in
Brain Simulator II!

This project is in pre-release and you'll be one of the first participants.

Please watch the video (at least the first few minutes) will give you an overview of what to expect and it's the only documentation available right now.

Click to Download!

On the GitHub page, click the topmost release to see the download .zip files. You can download the source and executables and don't need a GitHub login. See the "Things to Try" section.

Click to make suggestions or report bugs!

You'll need to create a GitHub login. Be sure to be as complete as possible and to note the version you are currently using.

If you want to compile the code your self (and edit it on your own) you'll want do download Visual Studio from Microsoft. If you'r an individual, you can use the free "Community Edition" available here.

Click the join the project page on GitHub!

To make contributions to the project, it's easiest if you get the GitHub extensions for Visual Studio available here. You'll need to create a GitHub login. Please create a branch for your work.

IMPORTANT: This project is covered by the MIT open-source license. If you want to keep your development private (which is fine), do not submit it.

Overview Video:

Step-by-step things to try:

If at any time you encounter an error, please copy the error message and email it to me at

  1. Download the "Executables" file ( and extract it in a usefuldirectory
  2. Double-click BrainSimulator.exe to start the program
  3. Select "File | Open" and navigate to the network folder, "usefuldirectory\Networks", and select "SimpleNeurons.xml". Does the file open and have flashing neurons?
  4. Try out the other network files. Do they load?
  5. Thanks for your Help!
  6. Have Fun! Please email if you complete these simple successfully, Thanks!