Sallie's mind runs on a powerful computer while her mobile sensory pods explore and learn about her environment.

Sensory pods will be small and quick but provide mobility, vision, speech, hearing, and touch.

The first sensory pod prototype gives Sallie real-world comprehension while a 3D simulator speeds software development.

About “Sallie”

COMING SOON! FutureAI’s artificial entity, “Sallie”, uses mobile sensory pods enabling the system to learn from a real-world environment and gain a fundamental understanding of physical objects, cause and effect, and the passage of time. These sensory pods let the Sallie learn so she can work better with people. The knowledge Sallie acquires can be used to radically improve applications including personal assistants like Alexa and Siri, language translation, computer vision, automated customer service systems, and many other human-interactive systems.

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As Sallie development continues, videos document the successes and the hurdles still to be overcome.