Employment Opportunities

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Why you should be part of the Future AI team.

If you want to be part of something great, something cutting edge… something very few people are doing or can even understand, then you need to join us in developing Future AI.

At FutureAI, we are achieving the impossible by incorporating robotics, language, vision, and other facets of AI to achieve solutions to problems where today's Artificial Intelligence falls short. Our uniquely powerful applications are producing viable results that are gaining national recognition.

Join the FutureAI team. Be recognized for your ingenuity, your ideas, your brainpower in the development of AI. Be an integral part of a deep technology team that is developing algorithms to revolutionize the Artificial Intelligence arena. At Future AI, you will have the opportunity to make a real-world difference.

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All positions are offered as Part-time, Fulltime and/or Internships.

FutureAI offers the fast-paced environment of a true high-tech startup; the long-term rewards can be outstanding.

Join our interns from prestigious Universities such as Stanford. FutureAI gives you the opportunity to make a real difference.

Computer Conqueror,
Software Engineer


Develop software components for Artificial General Intelligence.


The key is the ability to write quality programs to achieve functional objectives.

Experience with Visual Studio, C# (or similar) languages.

Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in code is a must.

Brain Designer,
Software QA


Learn to use FutureAI’s “Brain Simulator” program to create networks to perform useful functions and perform software testing and verification


For this position, please download the Brain Simulator from http://brainsim.org and be prepared to discuss your relevant experiences.

Master of the Universe,
3D Graphics and Simulation Engineer


Create and maintain a three-dimensional simulated environment needed for testing Brain Simulator agents.


Understanding of 3D graphics: Transforms, rotations, etc.

Some ability to program in order to automate this task.

Robot Wrangler,
Hardware/Robotics/Electrical Engineer


Enhance, program, and operate a mobile robot for testing Brain Simulator abilities.


Experience with Arduino or ESP32 processors.

Ability to solder, create cables, and do light mechanical assembly to enhance the robots' abilities.

Ability to program micro-controllers to implement enhancements.

YouTube Producer/ Webmaster


Build the FutureAI YouTube channel with new videos and promotion on social media. Manage the FutureAI.guru website including programming and publishing updates in HTML and C#/ASPX.


Experience in creating videos including the use of green-screen, separate sound recording, and animations.

Experience with DaVinci Resolve video editing software.

Ability to read and modify web page source code in HTML and C#. Ability to create graphics as needed using Paint, Powerpoint, and other tools. Top-notch proofing and editing skills.